What’s Wrong with You

“What’s Wrong with You?”

Most people have the feeling that something is wrong with them. They should be MORE–more focused, better at sticking to your health habits, better at finances, more of something, or better at something else.

BUT THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH US! We are whole—We are good-hearted — We are beautiful–and full of love.

We’re not perfect, but we’re not flawed. We are good at our core. We are the embodiment of love. We are whole with the universe, if only we could see it.

Where do these impressions reside? “It’s all in your mind” as the saying goes. So, it’s important to examine your own mind – your Mindscape – to know what’s in there and how to use it to appreciate and craft the life you want.



Mindscape is a shorthand concept indicating the totality of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and perceptual tools used to integrate your mind, body, spirit, and universal awarenesses.

Your Mindscape can be thought of as a private sphere to which no one but the owner has access. No one else can “know our mind” (or Mindscape). But, you can “step outside” your mind and take a look around it. YES—you really can. The Mindscape Solution shows you how to do just that!

With the self awareness discovered in your Mindscape, you can then explore the next areas—Mindfulness and Universal Awareness—if you are drawn in those directions.



Our simple Mindscape tools allow you to examine your own mind:

  • Easily
  • Quickly
  • Non-judgmentally

There are no external gimmicks, no special formulas—just your own natural abilities.
Non-judgmental exploration of your own Mindscape brings you unbounded joy, expanded self awareness, and reverence for life itself.


Phyllis Fleischauer

Phyllis Fleischauer is principle of The Mindscape Solution. For over 30 years she has helped clients discover the mind’s capacity for attention, focus, and exploration that increases self-awareness, communications, and mindfulness practices. Her interactive workshops give participants “permission” to explore their own minds and appreciate the unique features found there.

As a teacher, writer, and business person, Phyllis guides attendees and clients to tapping into their own Mindscape–enabling them to connect with themselves and others in new and expanded ways.

Phyllis grew up in a metaphysical home where understanding of each person’s Mindscape was a matter of course. Her degrees in mass communications, secondary education, and speech/drama expanded her philosophical approach to human and spiritual communications. Her first book, The ABC’s of Mindfulness Workbook, will be published later this year.


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Ongoing groups




  • 1-hour ZOOM–Pandemic Impact on Mind (Mindscape)
    Explore how your mind shifts (& will shift) due to the pandemic experience.
  • 2-hour Mindscape Exploration Workshop
    Learn how to view your mind, non-judgmentally, and find theme areas within it.
  • 2-hour Mindscape Discovery Workshops
    Explore and expand your awareness of your mind’s amazing theme areas (appreciation of beauty, curiosity, empathy, etc.) and the tools you can use to develop them (hold a theme in consciousness, separate from reactions, identify concepts that “float up” to surround it)
  • Half-day Mindscape Workshops
    Groups begin to explore The Mindscape Solution, options for Mindfulness, and expansion into universal consciousness.

Ongoing Groups

  • 1-hour weekly sessions
    Offer insights from your Mindscape explorations and hear from others about their “journey” through their Mindscape environments.
  • 2-hour monthly sessions
    Same as weekly but enables expanded time for exchanges.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one sessions with Phyllis enable learning at an accelerated pace and at time(s) suited to each individual. Reduced rates available for term commitments.

  • 1-hour Weekly session
  • 1-hour Bi-monthly session
  • 1-hour Monthly session


Additional Materials Available

  • (Workbook #1) The ABC’s of Mindfulness Workbook
  • (Workbook #2) More ABC’s of Mindfulness Workbook

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